29 year old rants

should I be upset? I am upset. I’m turning 30 in less than a month and my boyfriend hasn’t given it a second thought? He gave it a first thought then just glossed right over it and went to twitter. Yea, he is addicted to twitter for his newsfeed. I guess this could be like any other birthday, but I feel like it personally is extra special because 1. I’ve moved home. 2. I’m 30. 3. life is precious, celebrating it with the ones you love is so special. I don’t like being the spotlight by any means, but I do love being surrounded by people I genuinely missed my last year away on the east coast.Everyone coming together takes planning, something he doesn’t like to do. I love my friends, I love my family, I love my bf.

and yet, here I am, upset and feeling super awkward and bitchy because I asked for a plan ..something..ugh. nothing would be nice now too. but I do love cake and balloons. I get that everyone is on celebration and big events overload these days with weddings, baby showers, bachelorettes, bridal showers, bdays, etc. However, I was reading Sheryl Sandberg’s post https://www.facebook.com/sheryl/posts/10155617891025177:0 and yes, events are meant to be celebrated.


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