Spring Break – Day 2 – London

1. learned more about racism in London/Uk and other highly homogenous areas. truly makes me appreciate diverse america and how we actually get many opportunities to interact with people of difference backgrounds.

2. indian food- I will never love you. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault, it’s mine. we’re just different. it wasn’t meant to be. http://www.tayyabs.co.uk/

3. taxi cabs – damn why are you so hard to spot. and damn! why was that 15 min cab ride $50!?

4. Leon! – http://leonrestaurants.co.uk/ this place does fresh, tasty, affordable food right.

5. hashtag everything http://www.boxpark.co.uk/#_ too hipster, couldn’t hang.

6. walking is wonderful

7. ate dinner with my friend’s sister and her friends. art gallery managers, music managers, and some odd peeps. it’s fun to meet people so different from myself, but also really tiring to ..u know..talk to new peeps when i dont give a ..F


One thought on “Spring Break – Day 2 – London

  1. dating kind of sucks says:

    Enjoy London! I have really bad memories here because of an ex. I’m hoping to be able to go again soon! Indian food is THE BOMB! And it’s so good in London. But, to each her own!


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