Spring Break – Day 1 – London

Barely any rest from boonies to London

1. downloaded tinder for the hell of it. part fun part curiosity part vengeful. I felt slightly guilty but only slightly. that shit is fucking easy to get matched on. after understanding what the hell was going on, i was swiping for 15-20 minutes. swipe left. swipe left. left. left. the cute ones really pop out. swipe right. i got matched by nearly anyone I swiped right for. then I just stopped, it was so stupid. at least i know i got some tinder game.

2. redeyes are never a good idea

3. British Airways feeds you twice on a 5.5 hour flight – dinner and breakfast

4. no sleep. all eating. every few hours. full. feeling bloated. detox..with croissants tomorrow.

5. staying in a very REAL part of london. no big ben, no afternoon high teas, no london eye. lots of turkish food, schwarmas, men’s barber shops, and hipster coffee joints (gentrification)

6, tube and bus riders have some socioeconomic differences (confirmed)


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