When I was 23-24, I shared a cube with a frenemy at my first office job. She would take credit for my work, procrastinate until the last day even though she knew my part was dependent on her work first, and be super sweet to our managing director but to no one else. she was by far the worst teammate I’ve ever had. what really tipped me over the edge was that she stole my damn space heater and said we would “share it”

I would go on gchat and complain to anyone that would listen to my rants

I thought she was just manipulative and a company politics pro. This made me despise her even more because I just can’t play the game like that.

then one day she came into the office a completely different person. Despondent, lackluster, and just plain sad. She had just broken up with her boyfriend. all of a sudden she was human. raw, vulnerable, and emotional. man did I feel for her. I didn’t even like this girl but i really felt her heartache.

This must’ve been the same time Sex and the City movie came out because this song played NONSTOP over and over and over and over again in our cube. I can’t emphasize the “over and over” part enough.

The good stuff starts a minute in.

here’s a more cleaned up version:   


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