school +

as much as I hate on school, I can’t hate it all.

things I love

1. learning things that I want to learn(!) I barely had this in undergrad. I took the classes I needed to take and some of them were so much technical work with endless problem sets. I just felt resentful and did it to get by instead of understanding how I could apply those learnings to the real world (I couldnt). Now I learn things that I can see applicable to life?!?! amazing!

2. graduation in a few months. man are people DOWN to do things. there is a google doc among my friends now that has a trip planned every weekend. albeit we are in the boonies and there arent that many places to go, but hey, love the enthusiasm nevertheless.

3. breakfast sandwiches in cafeteria. god i cant believe i’m even writing about this. they’re not even that great, but they are warm and satisfying when there is nothing available at 8am but coffee and cold ass yogurt (its freakin below freezing out there, dont give me anything in ice, on ice, etc). thank you breakfast sandwich combo (egg,ham,cheese + med coffee).

4. friends and classmate overlap. we get one another. isn’t it nice to understand and be understood?


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