A wise friend told me to be unafraid when making my decision on whether to stay in the relationship or break up.

I had to ask him for clarification. It didn’t register with me what I would even have to be afraid of in the first place. He said to not be afraid of being alone, not having support, or never feeling this way again.

huh. I never ever known those to be fears.

I’m with someone based on my feelings for them. Not because I don’t like being single. huh, i kept thinking..what??

I’m unsure of a lot of things in life and the future, etc etc, but I am 100% sure that I will be fine no matter what. I have always known that to be true.

But I do think his words are wise because I was able to relay that same piece of advice to the idiot that I still call my bf. Maybe hes just afraid of being single. maybe hes just afraid of change. who knows what the fuck he is thinking. but I do want him to be unafraid as well.


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