the good

for the most part, this blog has been an outlet for me when i’m feeling relationally stressed. is that a thing? whenever I’m frustrated with my romantic relationship, I use this as an outlet. so cathartic and I always recommend writing down your feelings/frustrations out when you feel like your mind is just running a million miles a minute. pen and paper. typing is fine too but there is something so refreshing that comes from a solitary pen, a sheet of blank paper, and your mind.

anyway, I’m back! because..yes. I’m mad at him again lol. but I won’t write about that. and shoutout to my best friend for reminding me that this blog still exists!

I recently found out a high school friend’s mom passed away very unexpectedly from a heart condition. I’m closer with her husband and we chatted for a bit today. I asked how his wife was. He was honest, saying there were ups and downs, he was unsure how to help, and mentioned a few different ways mutual friends have expressed their condolences.

I cried for her. and him. and their entire family. I thought about what it would be like if that happened to me. or any of our other friends.

then I thought about how lucky I am. not only do I feel like I have a fantastic support system, I feel like the support system is truly unconditional, non-judgmental, and a true friend on all levels. The support system is also large in number.

despite how frustrated I am with him right now, I know in my heart that he loves me, cares for me, and will always encourage and support me.



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