I don’t feel compelled to write, but for my 1 reader and perhaps some imaginary ones..

I’m on a break. its not horrible, but it isn’t great either. I want to talk to him out of habit. I feel waves of sadness when I think about it or when I want to message him but know I can’t or shouldn’t.

I made a good friend over summer during my summer internship. despite being in the same group, he hated his job and I really enjoyed mine. Our introverted personalities really clicked with one another and we have been in sporadic points of contact since school started up again. (He goes to a school in a different city). He would talk to me about his wife and kid and I would tell him about my boyfriend. He asked me how everything was going outside of school and recruiting and I was very honest with him. I wasn’t dramatic, nor did I use any extreme language but he got the essence of it. I was short and succinct (I was texting in class haha) and he didn’t really say much in response. he did say “it sounds like you need a hug”

I didnt realize it until a few seconds later as I stared at his message in deep thought. yes, that was unbelievably accurate and exactly what I needed. I didn’t need verbal comfort, I didnt need to vent or talk through anything. what i needed was a straight up hug.

some people just get it. and some just don’t.


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