love is a choice, but when?

They say, love is a choice. I believe that. But then what are the factor largely affecting breakups after a few solid months or years? They say incompatibility, they say lying, they say timing. what is it? maybe they just didn’t want to put in that effort with that person, right?

I struggle with “love is a choice” even though I wholeheartedly believe it to be true. Right now, I’ve been dating my long distance bf for less than a year. We love one another but there have been some rough patches. like right now. It hasn’t been that long and during our earlier scuffles I’ve decided that it’s worth sticking around and working it out. luckily, he felt the same way. The scuffles now are growing larger and more frequent, at what point do I “choose love” and at what point does one of us come to our senses and break it off because its simply not working. at least not right now, they say.


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